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Recruitment TVC Behind-The-Scenes

Posted:June 23rd, 2011  |  by admin

Sunshine Nation 2011′s recruitment TV commercial is now on-air! The TV commercial looks fantastic, but to some what’s even more interesting is what happened behind the cameras. We’ve captured a handful of behind-the-scenes photos, and here they are! Oh, and of course, if you haven’t watched the TV commercial, check it out in our Videos section.

Sunshine Nation 2011的招募電視廣告已經在電視上熱播!電視廣告固然好看,但對某些愛好發掘鏡頭背後的觀眾來說也許幕後花絮更有趣。不囉唆,這裡就有一堆精采的照片。當然,要是你還沒有看過這個電視廣告,請到Videos欣賞。