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8位Sunshine Boyz and Girlz將於8月26日舉行Sunshine Nation決賽夜中穿梭於閃耀亮麗的舞台上,將自我風格及個人氣質展現出來,競逐冠軍及多個獎項。8位選手當中,哪位你最Like? 「Fido Pepper Wireless最多人Like Me大獎」結果由你決定!請即投選您最喜愛Sunshine Boyz或Girlz,得票最高的參賽者將獲得該項殊榮。參予投票更有機會贏得豐富獎品 – Blackberry Curve或至潮手機一部
截止日期: 8月24日

Who is your absolute FAV♥RITE finalist? Scroll down and eat the pepper… hmm, I mean,click the pepper icon to cast your vote. While you can vote multipletimes on the other 3 voting games, for this particular award, onlyone vote allowed from each IP address. One lucky voter of the “LIKE Me Award” will even take home a Blackberry Curve or a comparable cool phone!

Voting deadline: August 24, 2010.

Voting has ended. Winner of the award will be announced on Sunshine Nation 2011′s Finale. Thanks everyone!
投票經已圓滿結束,結果將於8月26日Sunshine Nation 2011決賽夜當晚宣佈。感謝閣下的參與。